Homes for Homes

Written by Lucent

The current health crisis facing our nation, and the world as a whole, has also created one of the worst financial crisis’. The broader impact on our community has been devastating and we are all looking for ways to maintain our own livelihood and somehow find a way to assist those that are less fortunate.

With this in mind, Lucent has committed to working with Homes for Homes (created by the The Big Issue) to address the homelessness in Australia. This initiative encourages purchasers at Slate House Brighton to contribute a small percentage of the sale of their home to a fund supplying housing to those living without shelter.

Managing Director of Lucent, Panos Miltiadou says,“We are incredibly proud to be able to partner with Homes for Homes allowing Lucent, and our purchasers, to contribute in addressing a real world problem being faced by many in our very fortunate country. Our business has always been community minded, as we endeavour to address sustainability and the general health of our environment. Slate House is no exception to this. The partnership with Homes for Homes allows us to extend this a whole lot further.”