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Familiar yet original

Slate House offers something new. Much more than apartments, this project embraces Brighton’s architectural heritage – beautiful tiled roofs, robust materials and lush gardens – yet takes away the inefficiencies, the sprawl and the high maintenance.


Austin Maynard Architects has ensured that all materials used are natural and beautifully raw. Slate House combines timeless techniques with new technologies to create sophisticated and functional forever homes.

Natural materials

Simple and honest building materials are used throughout, each selected for their durability, beauty and timeless qualities.

Modern lines & natural light

Interior spaces are awash with natural light and feature clean transitions from indoor to outdoor areas, creating peaceful living spaces that promote functionality and wellbeing.

Each residence is designed for tranquility and ease of use – Slate House homes offer a luxury lifestyle that celebrates ecologically sustainable design.

Luxurious & sustainable

Slate House residences features visually striking spaces designed to enhance your quality of life.

With luxurious interiors that require minimal maintenance, natural materials and fittings are selected for their strength and inherent beauty.

Each element of Slate House has a unique story and woven together these tales create a sustainable forever home that you’ll cherish.


Slate House is one of the most sustainable residential developments in Victoria, with a minimum 8.2 Star average NatHERS thermal performance rating and 100% fossil fuel free building operations.

Renewable Energy

Capitalising on renewable energy through an embedded energy network, Slate House operates 100% free of fossil fuels. This all-renewable energy network provides reduced metering costs and running costs across the lifetime of the home. Slate House further educes environmental impact through energy-saving LED light fittings that lower operating costs by up to 30% and last up to 25 times longer than halogen incandescents.

Thermal Efficiency

Slate House offers residents the potential to naturally heat and cool their homes. Achieved through a superior building fabric, interior spaces are comfortable all-year round due to highly insulated windows and walls that minimise heat loss and gain. Natural cross ventilation through each of the dwellings ensures residents stay comfortable indoors and connected to the outdoors.

Carbon Neutral

With environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels now widely understood, the shift towards renewable energy is critical. In line with this philosophy, Slate House is carbon neutral in operations and gas is not connected to the building. Instead, kitchens features induction cooktops that are 40% more efficient than electric alternatives. Each home also utilises a high-performance, air-to-water heat pump to generate hot water without an electric immersion element.

Healthy Interiors

We’ve designed Slate House with your health in mind, and all interior finishes are selected to help residents breathe easy. Some of the most harmful elements found in paints and finishes are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are carbon-containing solvents that vaporise into the air as paint dries. Water-based, low-VOC paints are used throughout and low-sheen 2pac paint is applied to the typical joinery boards.


The Developer

Lucent has an accomplished property portfolio that reflects its progressive approach to development. Each project is proof positive of what can be achieved when developers prioritise both people and the planet by contributing built forms that evolve healthier, more dynamic neighbourhoods. Inspired by quality that transcends the norm, Lucent delivers spaces underscored by thoughtful functionality that elevate daily living.

Award Winning Architect
Austin Maynard Architects

Since 2002, the Austin Maynard Architects team has built up an exciting and diverse portfolio. Treating each project as a unique challenge, and working directly with clients and occupants, our team offers individual possibilities and thoughtful responses to people, brief and place. We pride ourselves in sustainable design and experimentation, and issues of liveability, heritage and community connection inform our dynamic practice.


7 Bleazby Avenue, Brighton


Only 5 minutes walk to Church Street

Slate House’s location was carefully selected to offer residents exceptional proximity to transport, a wide array of amenities and local attractions. A bustling beachside locale, Brighton is known for its relaxed sophistication, cool sea breezes and beautiful tree-lined streets. With shopping options as diverse as boutique fashion retail and farmers markets, this charming bayside suburb offers a range of activities for any demographic.

Church Street, Brighton

The Pantry

Half Moon Hotel

Beach Boxes, Brighton Beach

Croquet Club

Middle Brighton Train Station

Brighton Baths

Display Suite

103 Church St. Brighton
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